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MygameStat is a leading global Sports Analytics and Statistics company based out of India. We provide in-depth game analysis across Badminton sport to help players & coaches have a competitive advantage. We provide the most accurate analyses on game data and provide useful insights for players, coaches and fans. MygameStat is the first Sports data company in the World to use an advanced CVT technology to track down the game data and transforms to an actionable insights. We analyse all the attributes of a game, point by point, stroke by stroke, and provide a set of more than 260+ unique intelligent data about the match and players performance.

  • " Its amazing how it can make you a much better player in variety, skills, and making better decisions."

    Daniela Macias, Peru National Champion
  • "I will recommend your services privately because I think it's great tool for every badminton coach and player"

    Milan Barbir, National Head Coach Serbia
  • "It is very useful and definitely helping me to prepare for my matches"

    Viktor Axelsen, World No : 1
  • "It is a great solution for players and coaches for in-depth game analysis"

    Liam Cordery, Head Coach – UK, Elite Per
  • "It is always great to have more insights of your game and MgS Analysis is a fantastic platform which provides deep dive information about your game"

    Jamie Subhandi – USA National Player

Transform to Data Driven Key to Success

Our Sports Intelligence platform scopes your strength and weakness and helps you to act on it today unlike any other Business Intelligence platform. It helps coaches to see the growing game pattern of the player and adjust the training and game plan. It also motivates players to work hard and parents to engage their kids more in to the sports as progress is now more evident and visible. Sports Analytics makes you an informed player, coach and parent.

Match Analytics for all

No more an expensive affair for your game analyses. Its time every player has access to fresh, reliable data for their own game. With vast research team, MygameStat understands individual needs and affordability and comes with ranges of the products that suits your needs

Unique about our Analytics

MygameStat is first to design an exclusive badminton performance analytics platform that is built on the world's most popular 7W Question based data model to answer the best possible way. The drill down capabilities of the application enables players and coaches to gain deep actionable insights. Our interactive player analysis dashboard is highly secured with an anti-hacking system, best innovation in place to be safer and faster over the Internet platform.

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