About Us

MygameStat is a global provider of sports analytics and statistics. It is designed to be an intuitive platform that aims at providing players and coaches with data-driven, actionable insights into their performance and progress in their game. These insights include stroke and shot quality, success and failure patterns, and match quality assessment.

Players can use the insights gained from these statistics to identify their strong and weak spots, and in turn, improve their performance by capitalizing on those strengths. Likewise, coaches can craft effective training plans for their players by basing their strategies on insights gained through pertinent game data and analysis reports

MygameStat was founded with the aim to transform conventional training methodology into one that's centered on raw in-game intelligence to help both players and coaches in achieving higher levels of success in the sport of badminton. The analytical team at MygameStat is primarily comprised of badminton experts and enthusiasts who are highly skilled in understanding the nuances and key aspects of the game.