Analyzing manually without tools/technology just slows you down and takes more time to understand players performance. MgS is committed to spending your money wisely. We invest more time on developing technology to measure performance and track players on court game behavior / pattern.


The MgS platform is easy to read , monitor, compare the performance across multiple players. Coaches can easily track and manage the match data across different matches and evaluate the game played across each match.


New coaches can get deep dive insights of a players performance through an interactive dashboard. Easy to access, reliable to trust, 100% secured data, quick results. Unlike traditional analyses, MgS provides you with advance technology support to track, analyse players performance.

Tailored Training Plan

The growing need for the custom training plan for every player is inevitable. MygameStat with the recent survey with players, coaches and parents revealed the requirement for special attention to every player with varied skill level. Now MygameStat provides the bandwidth to coaches to track, monitor, analyse performance of each player and maneuver the training plan within the given scope time.

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