" MgS analytics platform make it easy for players, coaches to quickly make necessary changes in strategy, corrections if needed, manure training, improve skills, sharper accuracy, built consistency, exploit opponents, outplay weaknesses, stick to strengths. MgS offer analysis catering to every aspects of a game across one window "

Win Stroke Analysis

MgS saves the bandwith for players and coaches by analyzing each match, point by point, stroke by stroke using a powerful analytical platform and provide deep insights of the performance.

Lose Stroke Analysis

Visualizations help you to tell a complete story with match data. MgS provides easy to read reports and beautiful dashboards that also allow players to drill in and deep exploring. Easily access the data and visualize anytime from any device.

Rally Count Analysis

When players and coaches get reliable, trust worthy answers and building a strategy is no more a bottle neck. Everyone can get what they need out of math data and much more informed data driven decisions to be successful on court.

Serve Analysis

Serve analysis is critical to a success for every match. It's the first strategical move you take, which tells how you build or construct a point in a game. MgS maps your service to the type, location and trajectory explaining opponent's response, strokes and trajectory to have a competitive advantage.

Stroke breakdown Analysis

Understanding each of your strokes output is a core of creating a successful and powerful strategy. MgS makes it easy for players and coaches to develop better strategies with clear insights into the impact of stroke results location, caught and angle wise. Pick and choose your strokes from the drop down for your specific answers.

Start Your Analysis

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