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Spanish Player and World No: 21 Beatriz Corrales is among the few of the Top ranked Badminton Players who track their on-court performance with MygameStat Badminton Analytics Solution. The 25 Year old Spanish champion, and her coach Arturo Ruiz Lopez has been using MygameStat for the last few months.

With great expectations on her shoulder, Beatriz Corrales went down fighting against the World No: 2 Pursala V. Sindhu from India 12-21, 21-19, 11-21 in the YONEX-SUNRISE DR. AKHILESH DAS GUPTA INDIA OPEN 2018. Beatriz and Coach Arturo relied predominantly on the advanced Performance Analytics of MygameStat to make better decisions and to understand in-depth performance patterns, derive numerous insights of every match that Beatriz plays.

“MygameStat (MgS) on court performance Analytics is definitely a great tool and a necessary one for every Badminton Player and coach who wants to track their on court performance” said Coach Arturo. I had been looking for a Performance Analytics solution for Badminton for quite very long time and have also used few tools earlier but MgS is way superior to any Sports Analytics tool till now. This is going to help Beatriz to get into the Top 15 of the World.

“I get my data published in my Dashboard after every match where I see how exactly I won points, my weaker zones and strong patterns and I work on it every day to play better in upcoming matches. I recommend MygameStat to all the players and coaches who wants to be better in badminton” said Beatriz Corrales.

MygameStat provides in-depth performance insights of over 265 Key Performance Indicators across all her matches that includes,

  • 1.Over-all Game Pattern
  • 2.Stroke Quality,
  • 3.Point win-lose Analysis,
  • 4.Variation Analysis,
  • 5.Exploitation Analysis,
  • 6.Serve Analysis,
  • 7.Offensive conversion Analysis and more.

MygameStat offers various plans for players and coaches to start tracking their on court performance, from basic limited data to advanced unlimited data depending upon the requirement of Players and Coaches. Now over 700 players across the globe, uses MygameStat Badminton Analytics to improve their game.

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