Manage your match data

MgS makes it easy for players to manage their match data more efficiently by tracking the results for each point through structured format. You can directly upload your video and MgS team tracks all the game data for you to pull on demand. These help players to access on court data when they need.

Know your game pattern

MgS provides sports data analytics platform that transforms your complex match data into actionable insights through advanced analytics algorithm. Our analyses will help you understand your game pattern and trend.

Get your actionable Game Insights

Knowing your actionable match insight has become easier through MgS Player Analysis Dashboard. Our advanced CVT technology monitors and tracks players action on court and analyses various attributes of your stroke to give in depth insights to act upon.

Understand your strength and weakness

Performance Analytics in Badminton help you to identify the continuous occurrence of a pattern which describes your strength and weaknesses. Empower your game with exploring in depth game data in a trusted environment.

Connect to more data

Extend the value of your data across pre match analysis, strategy discussions, post match analysis, training with MgS sports analytics. Our team of data scientist creates greater and deep insights to connect the hidden data points across all your matches.

Start Your Analysis

The best way to understand MgS Analysis is to experience it in action.
Along the way, we will answer questions about What, Why, How..