"We transform the way you measure the performance on Badminton court. More than 160+ Key Performance Indicators are sourced, measured and unified into a single/secured platform so you get faster analyses and make necessary changes in building strategies, training and more."

Deep Drive Match Analysis 

No more manual process to measure performance of players. Now players can get most advance Analytics, drill into details and find areas to improve with an interactive platform.

Easy Use 

You just need to share/upload your video!!! Get your analyses in 2-3 Business working days.

Key Performance Indicators 

Introducing the first Badminton Performance Analytics Service to unlock the power of match data. Gain a deeper understanding of your match/game data/performance through our 160+ Key Performance Indicators and turn into actions.

Actionable  Insights

Get Proactive Match data points from Experts/Data Scientists with your match video for more meaningful performance insights. Connect from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Player  Dashboard

We transform your match data into intelligence with an attractive powerful dashboard that unifies all your performance indicators.The dashboard is easy to navigate with drill down option for deeper dives.  The dashboard is easy to navigate with drill down option for deeper dives.

Analyst  Support

Get One to One on call, chat support from our game analyst to understand the powerful match data analytics platform.

Build Your  Game Plan

Equip yourself with match data to develop your game plan, along with your coach, before every match.