"MygameStat was started with the vision to build a product that help coaches and players to get deeper insights about their performance on court. It was founded in 2016, and through the strong leadership and passion, the company quickly became the leader in self-service sports data analytics. Today the company continues its mission to empower coaches and players to get deeper insights in few days, unlike weeks typical of traditional approaches."

Senthil Kumaran
Co-Founder & Director - Information Technology, Analytics

Backed by over 20 years of experience Business Analytics, Senthil Kumaran is theCo-Founder & Director of IT and Analytics at MygameStat. Having been part of the NFL Analytics team, Senthil was able to combine his expertise and his love for Sports into this venture.

Ashok Balasubramanian
Co-Founder & Director – Sales

Ashok Balasubramanian is the Co-Founder and Director of Sales at MygameStat. Before MygameStat, Ashok managed the business operations for Oracle Apps in the APAC division of 4i Apps, and managed the US and European sales for commodity intelligence at Beroe Inc.As a professional badminton player, Ashok brings a wealth of expertise and insight into the ins and outs of sports analytics.

Sunil Kumar
Director - Marketing

Sunil Kumar is the Director of Marketing at MygameStat. Spanning over 20 years, Sunil's career marks his solid experience in handling sales and marketing in some of the world's leading brands including Britannia and PepsiCo. In addition to MygameStat, Sunil is also the Founder and Principal Consultant at AUM Consulting, an India-based marketing company that helps in delivery marketing strategy for new product development.

Liam Cordery
Product Specialist
Maran T
Subject Matter Expert
Venkatesh N
Subject Matter Expert